The Cartoon pastor

What is the cartoon pastor?


My name is Janelle, I am the kids pastor at Eastgate Christian Fellowship, and that is clearly not me in the picture.  That guy is Rob.  He is my Dad and also the pastor of our church.

A few months ago, we decided to set up a box in the kids classrooms where kids could ask questions to the pastor and we would get them answered and returned in the following weeks.

I set this up in our classrooms because I feel that church is often a place where people are punished for asking the simple questions like "Why?" or "How?".  I think this discouragement can have an effect of disenchantment with church, religion, and God.

So, being a children's pastor, I have often tried to think of ways for Church to be a safe place for all the right reasons.  I want it to be a safe place to ask questions and a safe place to admit that we don't know everything.  My hope is that it's this kind of honesty that will lead kids to a genuine relationship with God that involves questions and searching for truth, instead of having the "right answers" because it's what makes the "grown ups" happy.

When the question box was first installed the kids never asked any questions.  Ever.  After a few months, I was ready to call it a failed experiment and move on.  That is until one brave soul put a question in.  The card asked for the pastor to pray for his Mom who was sick.  My dad answered the question right away and drew a picture to go along with it.  The following week the question, along with the freshly signed cartoon, arrived in class and was handed back to the 4th grader. Once the other kids saw that pictures and real answers were involved they were hooked.  The questions started flooding in and haven't stopped since.  Some are more in depth than others, but all are answered with love and sincerity.

I have found myself so inspired by these children and humbled by how I have underestimated what they are able to think through.  I've also found myself incredibly thankful for this "cartoon pastor" who takes the time to listen and answer these children who search for truth. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.