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Fundraising policy


One of Eastgate’s goals is to provide a place of healing for those who have been hurt or abused by a church in the past.  This means we want to be extra sensitive when it comes to asking people for money, considering some people have previously been manipulated into giving.  We want to do our best not to use guilt as a tactic for giving, and make sure we’re being sensitive to possible triggers when combining money and the church.

Obviously, we understand that there is a place and a purpose for fundraising in any church community.  However, to prevent over burdening the finances of our community, only a certain amount of fundraising will be officially endorsed at Eastgate each year. 



All proposed fundraisers must comply with the guidelines listed below

  • The fundraiser must address essential needs and not gratuitous wants or luxuries for the group
  • The fundraising activity must be compatible with the identity and mission of ECF as a Christian community of faith
  • There can be no solicitations during worship services, Bible studies, or Kidsgate classes.
  • Fundraisers on church property must be for a ministry or mission trip associated specifically with Eastgate
  • Groups wishing to fundraise must clearly identify how the funds will be used

An application is required for each fundraiser (This does not apply to emergency fundraising such as disaster relief).  Applications must be submitted at last 3 weeks prior to the proposed event.



Since we’ve had our fair share of fundraising done at Eastgate, the following is a list of things that have worked well (and not worked so well) in the past.

  • Bake sales (which can be done up to twice a year) are easy, fun, and delicious
  • Car Washes (there have been worse ideas…but not many)
  • Selling homemade goods (like kettle korn, knitted items, paintings, etc.) usually goes well
  • Concerts are usually the first idea people have when they want to fundraise.  Concerts take a lot of time and money to set up and have never been successful in raising money. Please don’t read this and think that you will be the exception, I promise you won’t be (because we won’t approve a concert fundraiser).
  • Art Auctions are great at raising money but also take up a lot of time and resources


You are now free to fill out the fundraising application which is located on the next page.  Good luck.

**NOTE: Filling out this form does not guarantee that your fundraiser will be approved.  The ECF fundraising committee will look over the information that you provide and we will be contacting you with any questions. 


Fundraising application

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